Friday, February 12, 2010

UNC Housestaff 1.0.4

UNC Housestaff 1.0.4 (iTunes store link) is now available.  It includes several changes including the following:
  • NEW: Added "The Sherpa," the UNC Guide for 3rd Year Medical Students.
  • NEW: Added the ability to remove specialties from the Resources tab (go to the Settings application to turn these off).
  • CHANGE: Updated Resources tab icon.
  • CHANGE: Application now includes the resource files for faster initial load of data (first time application is used).
  • CHANGE: New screen to show update progress (shows filenames for new resources as they are downloaded).
  • FIXED: Crash on update.
Please keep the feedback coming!  I am especially interested in receiving missing phone numbers and resources to make the application even more useful.


  1. great app idea
    wish we had it for my hospital!

  2. What login do we use for the app? Onyen? Webcis? UNCH Webmail? Potential for a great app.